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Job Title: STATISTICIAN (1 Position)
Directorate: Strategy and Business Development Directorate
Department: Market Intelligence and Information Department
Duty Station: KAMPALA
Deadline: 2022-04-05
Job Summary & Key Duties & Responsibilities:


To provide timely statistics on coffee at farm level, processor level, export level, roaster level and cafes/coffee shops level, and also make annual projections at production, export and consumption levels at the beginning of the financial year using sound methodologies.


1. Collect, collate and disseminate market information to stakeholders on coffee production, farm gate and export prices, price movements, and domestic coffee consumption trends.

2. Provide support in the preparation of departmental annual budgets and work plans, and contribute to the compilation of the background paper and information to the overall annual UCDA Budget data and work plans.

3. Design sampling methodology and standards for various research and survey activities and related questionnaires, as well as manuals and guidelines for data collection.


4.  Establish and maintain a comprehensive coffee statistics database for UCDA, and provide support in the computation of monthly CESS for exporters.


5. Make production forecasts from different coffee regions and carry out quarterly stock and production surveys in the different regions and at exporter levels.

6. Liaise with Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS), Ministry of Finance Planning and Economic Development, and other relevant institutions to provide periodic data on projected coffee production, exports, opening stocks and domestic coffee consumption in order to inform the national GDP series.

7. Liaise with UBOS and MAAIF (Planning) to produce a coffee statistics development plan and data management strategy.


8. Prepare a Coffee Statistics Abstract annually comprising production, procurement, exports, consumption, stocks

9. Identify key statistics related priorities as per the National Coffee Policy, Strategy and Coffee Roadmap in line with the Agricultural Sector Strategic Plan 3 and National Development Plan 3 to inform Management decision making.

10. Prepare and disseminate periodic statistical reports for the Authority. 

11. Carry out any other duties as may be assigned by Management from time to time.

Qualification, Experience, Skills & Competencies:


1. A Master’s Degree in Statistics, or Business Statistics, or closely related field obtained from a recognised institution.

2. Honours Bachelor Degree in Statistics, or Economics and Statistics, or relevant field from a recognised institution.

3. At least five (5) years relevant working experience in a public institution or reputable organisation.

4. Proficiency in Statistical Methodologies of carrying out surveys


1. Extensive knowledge & experience of the entire coffee value chain & proficient in agricultural statistics, forecasting and marketing.

2. Good communication skills and able to handle clients’ data & information requests promptly.

3. Be reliable and have ability to handle statistical analysis related to the coffee sector (national and global).

4. Good analytical and drafting skills

5. Proficiency in usage of statistical analysis packages such as: SPSS, STATA, Excel, MS ACCESS, Epinfo.

6. Team work.

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